Child Support

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- Ashley G.

Child Support

Our family law attorney represents clients with child support claims in Wake County, North Carolina. We can achieve resolution of child support claims in a separation agreement or before a judge in North Carolina family court. Whenever possible, we seek to negotiate and settle these claims out of court, to achieve a faster, more cost-effective resolution.

North Carolina has adopted child support guidelines which create a rebuttable presumption of the reasonable monthly amount of child support. Because these guidelines are presumptive, our courts tend follow them in most circumstances. 

Note: North Carolina’s child support guidelines do not apply where the combined adjusted gross income of the parties is greater than $300,000 per year


Meet your Attorney

James Tyler brooks

“My law practice is limited to divorce and family law in Wake County, North Carolina. By limiting my practice to divorce and family law, I’ve been able to obtain a deep level of knowledge within those areas. Because I’ve limited my practice to Wake County, I’ve gotten to know our family court judges and how they tend to rule on certain divorce and family law issues. Knowing their tendencies allows me to better inform my clients, which helps them make good decisions throughout the process. 

I am passionate about helping my clients during this tough time. Family law issues can be expensive, both financially and emotionally. During those tough times, you need excellent legal counsel more than ever.”

– James Brooks