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- Ashley G.


When negotiation and mediation fail, litigation is your final option for resolving your divorce and family law issues. There are several reasons to avoid litigation if at all possible, including:

  • Litigation is the most expensive means of resolving divorce and family law issues (costing thousands or tens of thousands more than negotiated settlements).
  • Litigation often takes longer (often taking months, if not years) than negotiation and mediation.
  • Litigation results in you having less control of your outcome. With litigation, a judge or an arbitrator will make the decisions for you.

For these reasons and more, our divorce and family law attorney advises his clients to seek resolution of these issues on their terms and leave litigation for what it should be—the last resort. We assist our clients in making wise, rational decisions to help them avoid litigation.

Given the nature of divorce and family law, we understand that not every case can be settled by negotiation. Sometimes, despite the best efforts of our attorney and our clients, cases simply must be tried.

When parties are unable to resolve their family law issues through a negotiated separation agreement, mediation or collaborative law, our attorney will zealously represent you in court. Just because we believe litigation should be a last resort doesn’t mean we will not vigorously advocate for your interests in litigation.

In Wake County, divorce and family law issues are handled in Wake County Family Court. Once a lawsuit is filed, you’ll be assigned a specific family court judge. It is important that your attorney know how these judges tend to rule on certain matters. Our attorney has operated exclusively in Wake County since 2007.

If your case must be litigated, we are here to help.

Meet your Attorney

James Tyler brooks

My law practice is limited to divorce and family law in Wake County, North Carolina. By limiting my practice to divorce and family law, I’ve been able to obtain a deep level of knowledge within those areas. Because I’ve limited my practice to Wake County, I’ve gotten to know our family court judges and how they tend to rule on certain divorce and family law issues. Knowing their tendencies allows me to better inform my clients, which helps them make good decisions throughout the process. 

I am passionate about helping my clients during this tough time. Family law issues can be expensive, both financially and emotionally. During those tough times, you need excellent legal counsel more than ever.

– James Brooks